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Our Commitment

Hot Spot Power Yoga's Commitment is of constant BIG growth. To step beyond our comfort zone and experience the possibilities that we make available in our lives when we take down limiting thoughts and expectations of ourselves and others. Our commitment is to LIVE BIG, to BE BOLD and to TAKE RISKS that lead us to creating the life that we want to live. We ask ourselves to step to the edge of personal and physical transformation every day and we invite you to do the same!


What is Baptiste Power Yoga?

Baptiste Power Yoga is a dynamic flow linking physically demanding poses to breath. The demand of these poses is such that it requires presence and focus which help to quiet and relax the mind. The intention of Baptiste yoga is to ground you in the physical body first, and from a grounded state you are encouraged to explore what is possible in the pose, and through this exploration and inquiry you will find a sense of empowerment to move beyond the limiting thoughts that you have about your body. Of course this is all a practice on the mat with an intention to take the tools you learn off that mat and into your life. Our Yoga Guru is Baron Baptiste. Baron is a powerhouse of a teacher who provides incredible inspiration to us and to the yoga community! We encourage you to attend every program that you can with the Baptiste Institute and Baptiste Facilitators!  You will leave these programs LIT UP, full of COMPASSION, and INSPIRED to CONNECT with humanity more deeply and to CREATE the life that you want to lead! To learn more about Baptiste Power Yoga or Programs that you can attend check out the Baptiste Programs Calendar! Sign up, get inspired, and live your life more powerfully!


We offer Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Restore & Renew Yoga Classes. We also offer an instructor lead meditation class. For more information on these classes and benefits click here.


We offer several workshops and programs at our studio including Beginner Series Workshops, Teacher Certification Programs, Life Transformation Programs, Cleanse/Weight Loss Programs, Strength Training, Meditation, Advanced Yoga Pose Workshops and more! To see a list of our current workshops and Programs for our San Marco location click here, and for our Harbour Village Location click here.


The Goal is in the Whole!

Our classes combined with our workshops and programs offer a whole body, whole life transformation. Whether you are a long time yoga practitioner or a beginner, classes and programs at Hot Spot keep you on your toes and create a constant awareness of what is possible for you to live your life more fully today!


About Jon & Leah



Jon and Leah Hansen are the owners Hot Spot Power Yoga.  Leah discovered Baptiste yoga in 2005.  She immediately fell in love with the practice and the emotional release that she experienced as a result of the physical demands that the Baptiste methodology had to offer.  Leah has been a dedicated practitioner of Baptiste yoga since 2005 and became a registered yoga teacher in 2010. As an instructor, Leah’s hope is to inspire and empower others through their life transformations. Jon discovered Baptiste yoga in 2010.  He suffered from back pain from college football and long distance running.  It was recommended to him that he try yoga in conjunction with his long distance running routine to help relieve his back pain.  Through a dedicated practice at he not only felt relief from his back pain but he felt a different connection within himself and wanted to further explore this.  Jon became a registered yoga teacher in 2011. Jon’s vision is to help facilitate a connection with the student’s authentic self to realize their greatest potential. Both Jon & Leah have attended Level 1 & Level 2 training with Baron Baptiste and have experience assisting Baptiste programs, as well as hosting numerous programs of their own.  

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