Maria O'Donnell

Maria O'Donnell RYT-200, MBody Yoga Teacher Certification Program Maria began her yoga practice in high school with her best friend whose father was an Ashtanga yoga teacher. Throughout college and her five years living in Southeast Asia, Maria continued to practice many different styles of yoga and found the introspection and reflection through the movement of body and breath to be incredibly healing. Maria was introduced to Mbody through a donation based class at a local studio lead by an Mbody teacher. Completely enthralled with the rhythm and flow of the class, she then found herself at her first heated ninety minute practice at Mbody's Neptune Beach studio. Maria knew she was at home with the sweat, spirit and energy of the studio and became a regular practitioner. Maria completed Mbody's Teacher Certification Program in October 2010 and is dedicated to her yoga practice, self-growth and development as a teacher and as a healthy balanced individual with a desire to give back to her community. Maria also works in early childhood education and social services and would like to connect the world of yoga and healing with people of all socioeconomic brackets; self-empowerment is something yoga offers and communities need. Maria has a strong interest in art, especially painting, traveling and is in the process of becoming certified in children's yoga.

Maria O'Donnell instructs the following: