Jessica Carnes

250 Certified Instructor
Ashtanga/Power Vinyasa/Yin Yoga Methodology
Mindfulness training
BS Health, sports medicine track

Jessica's first athletic endeavor was wing chin kung fu. She trained and competed diligently for 6 years. She sought out yoga as a peaceful compliment to the kung fu and found a tremendous amount of stress relief when she got on her mat. She loved the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga and found that the harder she physically worked on her mat, the more focused she became mentally and the lighter she felt emotionally. Through her teacher training she found that the work she did on her mat was a powerful tool to heal her body, unravel the attachments in her mind and allow her spirit to experience its truest state. Happiness. As a teacher her goal is to help students align their bodies in a way to prevent injury, and to teach students yogic techniques so that they can learn how to heal themselves on and off the mat. She is an instigator of awareness, teaching personal accountability in becoming happier and healthier human beings. Jessica finds that through teaching compassion, patience, understanding and ambition she too learns to expand her self through these virtues. The more she gives, the more she feels she too grows. Outside of the studio Jessica is a dedicated wife and mother of two children, Liam and Bella. Liam was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two and Jessica is intrigued with using yoga as a therapy for autism. She has taught yoga in Liam's class and look forward to sharing yoga with more special kids. She loves beach time, music festivals and just being with family.

Jessica Carnes is currently not instructing any classes.