Lori Drake

RYT-200, Baptiste Methodology


Lori discovered yoga by dropping into a Bikram studio in 2003. It was the hardest thing she had ever experienced and laid flat on her back most of the class. She thought that if she could ever make it through an entire class standing then she would be able to accomplish anything in life. That kept her coming back to yoga. Eventually she wanted to branch out and see what other styles were available which is when she discovered Baptiste Power Yoga. She has built a committed personal practice in the Baptiste community as her love for the practice offers her a place to clear her mind, get a killer workout, and overcome her own personal fears. As a teacher she hopes to inspire others to have fun and to feel the joy and benefits of their own yoga practice. Outside of the studio Lori loves going to concerts/ music festivals and volunteering at the local theaters.

Lori Drake instructs the following: