Connection - Yoga Assisting Program 

This progressive program is a 2 Day Intensive Journey into your personal awareness of how you occur in the world. You will gain a bigger awareness of how your way of being is either aligned or misaligned to what you want to create in relation to others. Through a bigger awareness of yourself you will have a bigger accountability to create the results that you want to see in relation to others. 


 Program Includes

  • Learning how to safely and effectively assist a pose
    • What are common misalignments of the pose
    • What are bigger ways to express or advance the pose
  • Learning how to enter and exit the pose with intention
  • Learning how your way of being with each body is translated in your assist
    • Healthy Intention = a Healthy Assist
  • Learning how to connect your assist with what the teacher is saying
    • Be the teacher's hands to land the teacher's intention to the students body

This program counts as the prerequisite to join our assisting team. For Teacher's who are committed to maintaining your Yoga Alliance Certification; this program counts as 20 Direct Contact Hours 

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