21 Days to Feeling GREAT!

Sign up for this transformational three week program to jump start your path to a leaner, healthier you! Invite a friend to join you on this journey and stay motivated together. Great for beginning and experienced Yogis alike, this cleanse is designed to get you feeling balanced, awakened, and strengthened. This Cleanse has proven to be a success again and again with results being weight loss, better sleep, and more energy! 

The Program includes

  • 1 Hour Kick-off Meeting to review the program and go over cleanse friendly foods etc.
  • Program Manual and Guide for your 21-Day Cleanse
  • Private Support Page on Facebook
  • 1 Hour Weekly Check-in Meetings to Stay Committed
  • 1 Hour Wrap up Meeting to review next steps to staying healthy and feeling great


What we have heard about the cleanse from our clients


"My doctor told me I needed to loose 30 lbs. before knee surgery. My daughter heard about the cleanse and asked me to do it with her. In 21 days of following the program I lost 29 lbs."


"I did the cleanse because I feel like I always have an upset stomach. I know it must be from something that I am eating but I don't know what. In the second week of the cleanse I realized that I hadn't had an upset stomach. The cleanse gave me a blueprint to follow to feel great and leave my "upset stomach eating habits behind"."


"Every time I do the cleanse I loose weight and feel great! I love the group support, and knowing that I can do it with everyone's help. Each time I do it I have lost between 10 to 15 lbs. I love loosing the weight but more than that I sleep so much better, not longer, but better and I surprisingly have more energy!"

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