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Scholarship Application for the Energy Exchange Program


Thank you for considering our Life Transformation Program (LTP) at Hot Spot Power Yoga to obtain your RYT-200 hour teacher certification!  We know that program costs can be difficult to manage often making the program in-accessible to some. It is for this reason that we developed the Hot Spot Power Yoga Energy Exchange Program.  

The Energy Exchange Program is a program within a program. In Energy Exchange, you will assist Jon & Leah in the areas of maintaining a clean inviting environment, setting up and breaking down the necessary equipment, making sure that all other duties are accomplished in a timely manner. The tasks you will perform are not difficult, but nonetheless, important in seeing that the program runs smoothly. The help that you will provide under ENERGY EXCHANGE is a very important part of the Life Transformation Program (LTP) and a very important part in fulfillment of your scholarship requirements.  If you are awarded a scholarship you will be asked to sign an agreement for the Energy Exchange Program. If the duties outlined in this agreement are not fulfilled the scholarship will be void and the scholarship amount (up to $1500) applied towards the students tuition will be void resulting in the either: 1) student completion of the program with a requirement that full tuition payment is received from the student in the total amount of $3000.   2) dismissal of the student from the program without refund of any monies paid by the student/ on the students behalf.  This is an opportunity to obtain your teaching certification at an extremely low cost to you.  It is an opportunity for you to be a leader in the Life Transformation Program.  And it is an opportunity for you to learn how to run a studio. 

We offer scholarships for up to two LTP participants per program. For this reason, it is crucial that you are honest in this application with regard to the financial assistance being requested. 

Please answer the questions below to apply for the LTP Energy Exchange Scholarship.



Energy Exchange Scholarship Application

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