100 Days of Mindfulness
with Tracey Lukkarila


"Mindfulness is about being fully awake in our lives.
It is about perceiving the exquisite vividness of each moment."
-Jon Kabat-Zinn

What would your life be like if you could be more fully awake? Anxiety, worry, depression, negativity, excessive daydreaming – these distractions keep us from being fully present in our lives. Our relationships, personal goals, and mental health suffer.

There is another way. Mindfulness is an ancient technique that’s found its way into psychology. This powerful tool trains our mind to focus on the present. With repetition, we rewire our brains, giving us power to shift our perspective on the fly.

Join Hot Spot Power Yoga instructor, Tracey Lukkarila on a journey into the power of mindfulness. We’ll meet biweekly following Tracey’s book “100 Days of Mindfulness.” You’ll learn several mindfulness techniques as well as meditation and gentle yoga -- skills to help you cope with stress, anxiety, pain, and depression.

Course Outline

3/8/2017 Session 1: Introduction

Mindfulness is living in the moment – but what does that really mean? In this session, we’ll take a deeper look at mindfulness as a practice. We’ll get to know each other and commit to the next 100 days.

3/22/2017 Session 2: Values-Based Living

In this session, we’ll use the mindfulness concept of “noting” to release from negative thoughts, clearing the way for us to really BE. We’ll create our personal mission statements to guide us in life.

4/5/2017 Session 3: Listening

Better listeners = better relationships = YJ. Listening takes practice. In this session, we’ll use different sounds as a way to practice listening. Imagine gentle yoga focusing on sound. Curious? Come try it out!

4/19/2017 Session 4: Compassion

Compassion for ourselves is often the hardest kind of compassion to practice. In this session, we’ll practice meditation and yoga with a focus on compassion, and discuss how to carry it forward into our lives.

5/3/2017 Session 5: Your Thoughts are not You

Too often our thoughts run amok, steal the show. We fall prey to them and follow them down dark streets. We’ll discuss the nature of thoughts and practice the mindfulness technique “noting.”

5/17/2017 Session 6: Relationship Presence

TV, cell phones, computers, busy schedules – these distractions are tough to manage. We’ll discuss how to to disconnect from distractions and connect with people with a walking meditation and partner yoga.

5/31/2017 Session 7: Drop Judgment

Researcher Brene Brown found that the inability to be vulnerable causes much mental pain. We’ll step out of our comfort zones to practice dropping judgment and being vulnerable in a safe environment.

6/14/2017 Session 8: Wrap Up

In this last session, we’ll review where we started and how far we’ve come. To celebrate, you’ll receive a few parting gifts to help you continue your mindfulness practice.

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