Virtual Classes

Our Virtual Classes are Live! Just as you would attend a class at the studio you can attend one of our virtual classes! With these ever changing times we are committed to causing deep community, connection, and keeping our health and spirits. Our teachers want to see you, our community wants to flow with you. And all from the comfort of your own home. With all of our teachers teaching from home you can expect this experience to be cozy. It might be messy. And it will certainly be fun! We will see each other in our homes with our pets and kids running about. And it's all perfect. Grab a mat. Grab your water bottle. And your computer/ device. 
Book a class from any of our three studios schedules.
Download Zoom.Us and create a free account. Your classes will be delivered through a zoom classroom.  
Use the zoom link emailed to you to take the class. We will email your link 15 minutes, and again 5 minutes before class. Check your spam/ junk box if you don't see the email.