About Us


Hot Spot Power Yoga has built a loving community with an emphasis on growth and leadership. The space is about discovering true strength, on the inside and out. The teachers and staff have a love the practice and it’s gone viral in our community. Loving the practice is the key to discovering true power. Resisting it merely adds a tighter grip to limiting ways. It’s also healthy! So you’ll notice vibrant, unbound, happy people at Hot Spot Power Yoga and, well, you’ll want to join them.

The Founders

Jon & Leah Hansen- Founders of Hot Spot Power Yoga

They discovered the physical and emotional power of Baptiste Yoga and dedicated themselves to the practice years before even meeting each other. Leah took solace in the practice in difficult times as she moved through challenging times, while Jon healed his body from back pain due to college football. They knew if this practice could give them a deeper sense of personal power and physical alignment then it could do the same for others.

They are in the business of wellbeing, whole life, whole body, whole self. If you mean business too, this is the place for you.


Our class offerings are mostly focused on physical strengthening, burning calories and quieting the mind. Our Baptiste Power Yoga, and Yoga HIIT classes are perfect for the athletic type that wants a sweat drenched work out. Our Detox Flow, Power Magic, Restore & Renew Yin Yoga classes offer a more relaxed balance focused on opening deep muscle tension and total body relaxation. Regardless of the class it is founded in Baptiste Methodology. The practice is steeped in the balance of discipline, rigor, playfulness, and joy. Students leave their mats feeling physically, mentally and emotionally lighter. A dedicated practice gives them a bigger sense of their “why” in the world, leaves them happier, and over-all healthier.

Our schedule


We offer several workshops and programs at our studio including Beginner Series Workshops, Teacher Certification Programs, Life Transformational Programs, Cleanse/Weight Loss Programs, Strength Training, Meditation, Advanced Yoga Pose Workshops and more! Check out our current workshops and Programs and register today.

As you invest in yourself, you become healthy and whole. Our workshops and programs leave you in your greatness. You will do things that you once thought impossible. Our Program Facilitators have a way of inspiring you to step outside of your comfort zone and expand from that space. You will leave these programs lit up and empowered to live life more fully.

The goal is in the whole!

Our classes combined with our workshops and programs offer a whole body, whole life transformation. This transformation can be felt in the physical classroom or in your own home through our virtual offerings. Whether you are a long time yoga practitioner or a beginner, classes and programs at Hot Spot Power Yoga keep you on your toes and create a constant awareness of what is possible for you to live your life more fully today!