Hot Spot power yoga

A Baptiste Inspired Yoga Studio


Baptiste Power Yoga is a dynamic flow linking physically demanding poses to breath. The demand of these poses is such that it requires presence and focus which help to quiet and relax the mind. The intention of Baptiste yoga is to ground you in the physical body first, and from a grounded state you are encouraged to explore what is possible in the pose, and through this exploration and inquiry you will find a sense of empowerment to move beyond the limiting thoughts that you have about your body. What you practice on your mat transpires into your life. And before you know it this “mat practice” becomes a “life practice”. You will love your body more, honor your health and well-being, and live a more inspired and connected life. The difference in your physical body, positive thinking, and living will be apparent to the ones you love, and thus a healthy yoga addiction is born. Hot Spot Power Yoga is aligned to the intention of the Baptiste Institute and the teachings of Baptist Yoga. 


The foundation of our studios are founded in the Baptiste Methodology. Baron Baptiste along with his father, Walt Baptiste created this style of yoga. Baron is a powerhouse of a teacher who provides incredible inspiration to us and to the yoga community. Many of the Hot Spot Power Yoga teachers have trained directly with Baron. Our Owners, Jon & Leah Hansen are both Baptiste Certified. We encourage you to attend every program you can with the Baptiste Institute. You will leave these programs LIT UP, full of COMPASSION, and INSPIRED to CONNECT with humanity more deeply and to CREATE the life that you want to lead. To learn more about Baptiste Power Yoga or Programs that you can attend check out the Baptiste Programs at