Leah Hansen

Founder Hot Spot Power Yoga, RYT-500, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Educator, YOD Certified, Prenatal Certified RPYT


Leah Hansen has been a regular practitioner of Baptiste Yoga since 2005. She finds that the physicality of the practice gives her access to her emotional and mental wellbeing. She lives her practice on and off the mat knowing that the tools of the practice creates integrity not only in her physical body but in her relationships. Leah is invested in Baptiste Yoga as she loves the rigor, the intensity, the fun, and the compassion that the practice packs into one class. It is the most transformative style of yoga that she has ever studied and it is a proven practice that works. She and Jon opened Hot Spot Power Yoga together as a place to share Baptiste Yoga with as many people that would listen. Leah is up to inspiring powerful transformation in the Jacksonville Community. She is up to holding space for the best and most highly trained Baptiste Yoga Instructors to teach. She is up to holding space for people to destress, release, and have breakthroughs physically, emotionally and mentally. She is up to creating the studio as a platform to give back to the community through donation based events which raise thousands of dollars for charity each year. She is up to being her biggest best self in this life and inspiring others to do the same.

Jon Hansen

Founder Hot Spot Power Yoga, ERYT-200, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader


Jon Hansen has been practicing Baptiste Yoga since 2010. He is passionate about owing a business that gives back to the community in a powerful way. He is inspired by Baptiste Yoga specifically as he knows that this practice gives real physical results while also being an outlet to destress mentally and tap in emotionally. As a man he knows the importance of emotional intelligence and he is at cause to continue to expand himself through this practice while inspiring others to do the same. Jon is up to creating a space for transformation in the Jacksonville community. While studio ownership can be stressful, Jon is reminded over and over again the importance of providing a space for people to practice Baptiste Yoga. Jon is passionate about supporting the Jacksonville Community while investing in teachers to share their teaching as well as further their teaching experience. Jon is up to creating Hot Spot Power Yoga as an organization that has a powerful impact across the board whether it is reaching new students and teachers, or expanding current students and  teachers. He knows that Baptiste Methodology works and he knows that Hot Spot Power Yoga is a platform to inspire others through Baptiste Yoga and the Baptiste Methodology. 

Whitney Heflin

Founding Partner Hot Spot Power Yoga - Baymeadows, ERYT-200, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader, YOD Certified


Whitney discovered yoga in 2010 when she asked a friend to recommend a local yoga studio.   She had heard yoga was a great workout and had the added benefit of quieting the mind. In search of a little peace of mind, Whitney attended a class and was immediately hooked. Having benefited so greatly from the sense of centeredness, peace and good health this style of yoga provided for her, Whitney embarked on becoming a certified yoga teacher the spring of 2012 so she could share this wonderful practice with others. Her intention as an instructor and studio owner is to inspire and empower individuals and communities to live their biggest, boldest and healthiest lives through the practice of Baptiste inspired yoga and programs.

Outside the studio, Whitney works in the finance, accounting and risk management field for a Wellness company. She holds a Masters of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, both from the University of North Florida. Outside of work and the yoga room, Whitney enjoys spending time with her friends and family, attempting to train her 80lb perfectly unruly Golden Retriever, outdoors and traveling.

Karina Hahn

Studio Manager - Harbour Village, ERYT-200, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader, YOD Certified


Karina discovered Baptiste power yoga when she moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2006 and instantly fell in love with the strength, love and joy that she felt. Through the practice she discovered that she could do things she never thought possible, like crow, and through that she knows that anything is POSSIBLE when you get fear out of the way. She left her corporate job at Merrill Lynch and became a full-time yoga instructor which lead to managing the studios. In addition to teaching and managing Karina also creates and leads workshops and facilitates teacher training programs.  Through her teaching Karina hopes to inspire others to discover what IS possible when you let go of the fear.

Outside of the yoga studio Karina loves to spend time with her family, going on riding bikes to the beach and is passionate about gardening and cooking!

Lori Drake

Studio Manager - San Marco, RYT-500


Lori began her yoga practice in 2003 at a Bikram studio while living in Orlando, Florida. Upon moving to Jacksonville in 2005 she found a practice in the Baptiste Journey into Power series. Looking to deepen her practice she then enrolled in the Hot Spot Power Yoga’s 200 hour Life Transformation Program 2014. By June of 2014 she was on schedule at HSPY teaching the MS Yoga and Power classes and has been teaching consistently since.

Through the practice of Baptiste Yoga, Lori has felt stronger in body and mind on the mat and felt a shift in her connection to loved ones and in the community. She has felt pushed beyond her comfort zone and as a result has purposefully sought out opportunities that she might have shied away from before ranging from leading a fundraising team to simply being alone at a concert.

It is through these shifts in her own life that she teaches to inspire, flow, personal growth and connection in her classes. Not just connection to the community, but connection to oneself.

Laura Nanney


Initially,  Laura began practicing yoga as a way to lose weight, but over the years, her practice has developed into so much more.  Laura has gained love and appreciation for what her body can do instead of basing my self worth off of a number on a scale.  Her mat became a place to unwind her body and mind from the physical tension and mental stress that builds up as life occurs.  The Baptiste practice challenges Laura to allow herself to be imperfect and to let go of control.


Laura's life took a drastic shift after becoming a yoga teacher. The process made her look at her life, thoughts, and actions from an observer’s point of view.  After dropping self judgement, she is able to live more mindfully in her thoughts, actions, and words to create my authentic life.  Through teaching, Laura aims to help students become more aware and mindful of their bodies during their practice.  She likes the practice to be challenging not only physically but mentally as well by encouraging students to be the observer of their own thoughts so they can become aware of any thought patterns.  With yoga, we create space in the body and mind for new ways of thinking and growth.  

Maria O'Donnell


Maria began her yoga practice in high school with her best friend whose father was a yoga teacher. Throughout college and her five years living in Southeast Asia, Maria continued to practice many different styles of yoga and found the introspection and reflection through the movement of body and breath to be incredibly healing. Maria was introduced to Baptiste yoga class shortly after she moved to Jacksonville, Florida, in 2007.  Immediately, she was completely enthralled with the rhythm and flow of the class.  She also found that the heated practice increased her flexibility, as well as physically rinsed her body out. Maria knew she was at home with the sweat, spirit and energy of the Baptiste practice and became a regular practitioner.

Maria completed her 200 hour teacher certification program at a Baptiste affiliated studio in October 2010 and has since been dedicated to her yoga practice, self-growth and development as a teacher and as a healthy balanced individual with a desire to give back to her community. Maria works in the field of early childhood development and social work.  Maria has created a community connection between yoga, bringing the healing qualities of the practice to a diverse variety of individuals; self-empowerment is something yoga offers and all communities need. The Baptiste practice has inspired Maria to be a leader in her community.  Maria recently completed her Masters in Social Work, and has a passion for art, music, food, and international travel.  

Nancy Hatton


Nancy loves the Baptiste style of yoga because it has lit up her life! Through consistent practice, she has and continues to achieve goals she never imagined, on and off of her mat.  The empowering and supportive Baptiste community instills in her the belief that anything is possible.  She holds a 200-hour RYT certificate and is also certified in YOD.  She loves to share the Baptiste style yoga with other people on her community. Whether doing a community class or teaching in the studio, she enjoys sharing the healing powers of yoga through the empowering methodology of Baptiste yoga. 

Hailey Blood


Hailey has been practicing yoga for the last five years. She practices to relieve daily stress, to honor my body in a healthy way, to come back to the present moment, and to be a part of a loving community. Hailey enjoys empowering people through power and restorative practices. Hailey's teaching journey began when a practitioner came up to her after class and said, "yoga has literally changed my life." She then started to think about how much it has changed her life for the better, how much the Baptiste community has supported her. Hailey feels that teaching yoga is a blessing and being able to help others find their truth is an honor. She is up to creating fire, peace, and excitement for the moment in others. Hailey is a new mama to a beautiful little girl and a giant lab.

Savannah Shray


Savannah discovered yoga for the first time in college in 2005. She used her yoga practice to alleviate her stress & help with her focus. After graduating from college in 2009, Savannah moved back to Jacksonville, FL and discovered a Baptiste-inspired studio where she fell in love. The connection with her growing community and the reflection on her mat for what was going on in her life was nothing she had ever experienced before. Not only did a Baptiste-inspired vinyasa flow help her feel amazing physically, it brought a whole new life perspective. She felt her patience come at ease, thoughts were clearer and calmer, and her compassion grew for the ones she loved. It was shortly after that she decided to get her 200-hour teacher certification here in Jacksonville. 

After completing her 200-hour and advance teacher training programs, Savannah moved to Asheville, NC to manage a yoga studio and fell deeply in love with her new life in the Smoky Mountains. After spending 6 years in Western North Carolina, Savannah has returned home to be closer to family and to continue sharing her passion and love for yoga with each and every one of you!

In Savannah’s class you will have the opportunity to experience a Baptiste-inspired flow with lots of fire! Her classes are for all levels and she will give you the support you need to work your edge safely. Her classes will give you the tools to get out of your head, the opportunity to focus on breath and be present to movement so you can create all the new space you need to be the best version of you!

Ken Joseph


Ken is a Licensed Therapist, Certified Mediation Teacher, Level 1 Reiki practitioner, Karttikeyan Yogic Method healer, and level RYT-200 Power Yoga teacher. He is deeply committed to creating healing spaces for others. Ken is drawn to the practice of yoga because it consistently delivers on the promise of bringing unity to body, mind, and spirit -- and in turn, deepening peace. He believes it is important for him to share the gift of yoga, therapy, mediation, and lighthearted living with others in a way that is both safe and empowering. Baptiste Yoga allows him to do that and more. He practices and teaches yoga, leaning on the structured methodology and powerful Baptiste community. 

Ashley Barrett


Ashley took her first yoga class after a workout at a local gym in San Antonio, TX in 2015. Intrigued, she developed a regular practice as an alternative to the usual gym routine, which was never really fun. When she returned home to Jacksonville a year later, she took her first class at Hot Spot Power Yoga  and was instantly hooked - to the sweat, to the friendly community and mostly, to the feeling of empowerment it brought to her life. When the 40 Days to a Personal Revolution program came around, Ashley dove in head first. By indulging in self-inquiry and sharing, meditation and daily yoga practice, the process of personal awakening began. She started to understand how the principles of Baptiste yoga applied to life, on and off the mat, launching her journey to self discovery.
Through yoga, meditation and the support of the HSPY community, she learned to love who she was meant to be, instead of who she felt she should be. This created a ripple effect in her life, allowing her to grow deeper in her relationships, unashamedly pursue her passions and attract unlimited abundance. Wanting to be able to offer the same magic and possibility to others, she became RYT-200 certified in Fall 2018. In addition to teaching power and restorative yoga, Ashley also leads regular meditation workshops at all the HSPY studios.

Kirsten Benkert


Kirsten took her first yoga class in 2005 at a Bikram studio in Neptune Beach. She instantly fell in love with the physicality of the practice. She practiced off and on for several years playing around with Bikram as well as other styles of yoga. It wasn't until March of 2016 that she found Hot Spot Power Yoga. She happened upon a restorative class during Spring Break. Her step-father had passed away that previous January and she needed an activity to get back into things. The love, kindness, and support she felt from the Hot Spot Community was exactly what she needed. She fell so in love with the sense of possibility and empowerment she felt from taking classes that she took the next step and became a certified yoga instructor in the spring of 2017. She hopes to bring that sense of empowerment and possibility to her students. In addition to being certified as an RYT-200 instructor, Kirsten is level 1 certified in YOD. She hopes to complete level 2 YOD training as well as Baptiste level 1 this year- never stop growing!!!