Assisting Program Application

Thank you for considering joining our team through our Assisting Program!

The prerequisite for this program is that you have taken the "Art of Assisting" and or "Advanced Art of Assisting" through the Baptiste Institute, OR you have attended our "in house" assisting Program: Connection Yoga Assisting Program. Through the Assisting Program, you will effectively assist a yoga class. You will enter and exit poses with ease and intention. You will apply the correct amount of pressure to assist the pose. You will use your intuition and your knowledge of the pose in order to assist the pose. You will breathe and flow with the class. You will assist the teacher in keeping students safe and aid them in advancing the pose from where they are at in the pose. YOU will get an amazing workout and make some incredible connections with both our team and our community as you assist our classes. You will also be asked as a part of our team to maintain a clean and inviting environment, help in setting up/ breaking down classes, and programs.

To join our Assisting Team we ask that you commit to a minimum of 1 consistent classes per week, for 3 to 6 months. In exchange for your physical assistance during classes you will receive unlimited yoga at Hot Spot Power Yoga! The class that you assist must be consistent from week to week. Your schedule will be agreed upon between you and Hot Spot Leadership Member. You are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes before your class starts to help prepare the studio for public classes, to get grounded, and to connect with the students. You are expected to stay at least 30 minutes after each class to break down/close studio in preparation for the following day. If you have cleaning duties these will require more time as needed and you will be on a rotation with other energy exchange team members.

If you are interested in our Assisting Program please fill out the form below and submit your application. Applicants that are a good fit for the program will be contacted directly.