Front Desk Application

Thank you for considering joining our Front Desk Team!

In this program, you will assist the Hot Spot Community (clients & teaching team) in the areas of: maintaining a clean, inviting environment; setting up and breaking down the necessary equipment; and making sure that all other duties are accomplished in a timely manner. You will be responsible for checking clients into classes and selling students the best package for their individual needs. The tasks you will perform are not difficult, but nonetheless, important in seeing that the studio runs smoothly. The help that you will provide under Front Desk Team is a very important part of the studio and in the client's experience at the studio. The Front Desk Team is an opportunity for you to be a leader in the community.

In exchange for your dedication and commitment of 6 months and a minimum of 1 consistent class per week, you will receive unlimited yoga for $30 per month (auto-withdraw) at Hot Spot Power Yoga! The classes that you are the Front Desk Team support for must be consistent from week to week. Your schedule will be agreed upon between you and Karina. You are expected to arrive (30) minutes before the class starts to prepare the studio for public classes. You are expected to stay at least 30 minutes after each class to break down/close studio in preparation for the following day.

If you are interested in our Front Desk Team please fill out the form below and submit your application. Applicants that are a good fit for the program will be contacted directly.